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threaded liner

The Thread-Liner piping system installs quickly and it fits your budget as easily as it fits into the available work space.  No special training or equipment is required. 



The Thread-Liner pipe lining system is unmatched in ease of installation. Since it typically weighs as little as 10% of concrete, ductile iron and clay pipes, it is much easier to handle. Maintenance departments can use their own crews - no special training or specialized equipment necessary. You don’t have to wait on the backhoe. Because of Thread-Liner’s ease of installation and variable lengths, 95% of drainage and sewer pipe renewal can be off road. This means increased safety for both your workers and motorists. Traffic disturbance can be a thing of the past. Everything for the installer.


Standard Thread-Liner comes in a diameter range of 3” to 20”, and a standard length of 30”(2.5 feet lay length). Additional diameters and custom lengths may be available upon request. Typically, it comes in 2- to 3-foot sections for manhole-to-manhole installation. These sections can be connected together, all with strong water-tight seals. These advantages also make Thread-Liner the preferred answer for pipe renewal. Simple installation means light duty equipment, less manpower, minimal disturbance of right-of-way, and indefinite service life.


When considering these benefits, it becomes clear that the Thread-Liner system is the most cost-effective way to rehabilitate deteriorating drainage piping systems. It may be the last solution you’ll ever need. The Thread-Liner joint and installation system allows the replacement of failing systems without the need to remove existing pipe or excavation.

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Pipe Reline Solutions | Threaded Liner
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Pipe Reline Solutions | Threaded Liner

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