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glass reinforced pipe

Glass Reinforced Pipe is a structural liner for large diameter stormwater and wastewater systems. It can be customized designed to fit any shape size or form with 100-year design and service life. This product has decades of engineering and manufacturing design behind it along with dozens of certifications.



Large diameter pipelines and culverts represent the backbone of any city’s utility network for the collection and disposal of sewerage and effective drainage of storm-water. In many cases the fabric of these pipelines, which may consist of brick, stone, concrete or clayware will have been constructed decades ago and although proven resilient, has eventually succumbed to the ravages of time, suffering the effects of H2S attack or erosion and may even be exhibiting signs of imminent failure due to structural loading beyond that of it’s remaining capability. At this point the need arises to consider the means by which the structural rehabilitation of these pipelines and ducts can be achieved whereby a new, 100-year plus life expectancy can be provided with a high degree of confidence. GRP structural lining solutions rehabilitate both circular and non-circular large diameter buried pipeline structures worldwide. 

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  • Custom-Made Production in any Shape or Size Required

  • Fully Structural Rehabilitation Solution

  • Maximizing Hydraulic Capacity

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance

  • Excellent Impact and Abrasion Resistance

  • Expected Service Life of Over 50 Years


  • Sewer Main Pipelines

  • Sewer Overflow Pipelines

  • Sewer Interceptor Pipelines

  • Sewer Inverts

  • Storm Water Drains

  • Seawater Cooling Pipelines

  • Large Diameter Culverts and Tunnels

  • Railway & Road Culverts

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Pipe Reline Solutions | Glass Reinforced Pipe
Pipe Reline Solutions | Glass Reinforced Pipe

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