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southern Ontario, canada

2 Double Wide 65” HydraTite Internal Joint Seals


With a neighborhood roadway sinking a couple feet causing infiltration issues in the pipe, a Toronto suburb decided to seal two joints of a concrete pipe. With the majority of the ~60’ run in good condition, there was no need to rip & replace the culvert or address the culvert outside of the two misaligned joints.


The infiltration issues were causing a buildup in the culvert and affecting the hydraulics of the culvert. The pipe needed to be cleaned and mechanically repaired.



Once Pipe Reline Solutions received a PO, the joint seals were produced and on the way to Canada within 3 days. On an available Saturday morning, Orcon Infrastructure sent a crew of three, including Stephanie Oram, President, and Jeff Kroon, Operations Manager, to install the joint seal. The first joint seal took approximately 30-45 minutes to install and the second seal was installed “before the third crew member came back with coffee.”

Only joint seals were considered to save time & money compared to alternative culvert rehab methods. HydraTite’s lead time, ease of install, and cost effectiveness was unmatched for this installation.

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