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Frequently asked questions

  • When would be an ideal situation to reline?
    When the culvert is deeply buried, under a paved road, a road closure would cause extensive detours, utilities are between the culvert and the ground, historic structures would need to be dug up.
  • When would be an ideal situation to dig & replace?
    When the culvert is shallow buried under a gravel road that can be temporarily shut down without disrupting traffic flow.
  • When is it too late to rehabilitate a pipe?
    When the pipe has failed structurally and collapsed! A general rule of them with CMP is that it’s too late when the invert is more than 25% gone, but if the invert is gone, but the shape is fine, the culvert can still be rehabilitated.
  • Are custom shapes available?
    Yes, custom shapes are available for certain products
  • What size range do your products cover?
    Depending on the product, we can assist with culverts ranging in 8 inches - 24 feet in diameter.
  • What are the easiest ways for DOTS, counties, and municipalities to culvert rehabilitate on their own?
    For full structural repairs, slip-lining is typically the most used technique for self-installations (There are multiple slip-lining products that only require an excavator, chains, come alongs, and a few people.) A typical DOT, county, or municipality can also install joint seals in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Can Pipe Reline Solutions assist with shipping costs?
    Yes, with enough heads up regarding your deadline for receiving the pipe, we can potentially split the cost of a truck with a separate order heading your direction. Please contact a pipe specialist to discuss further.

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