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4, 65’ runs of ~10’x8’ concrete box culverts
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Throughout 2023, Tezak Heavy Equipment (now a part of Holcim US), has worked on the CDOT Region 2 Bridge Bundle project. Part of this project included lining 4, 65’ runs of ~10’x8’ concrete box culverts


We were presented with a round, ovaled pipe compromising the hydraulics. However, US-24 provides the quickest route from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista, Breckenridge, Leadville, and a handful of other Colorado mountain towns for tens of thousands of travelers on a daily basis. This highway had too much traffic, digging and ripping out the comprised pipe was not an option.

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We decided the best solution was to reline the 4, 65’ runs of ~10’x8’ concrete box culvert with Channeline. We replaced the compromised pipe without disturbing everyday traffic. Connecting the lay lengths was an extremely smooth process. By the time Tezak was working on the third culvert, they were able to line the entire culvert in under 3 hours despite the pipe being staged several miles off-site and brought over one piece at a time.

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